General Information and Commenting Rules

This blog follows my musings as I explore feminism, animal rights, politics, popular culture, literature, cinema or anything else that may interest me. I’m a seventeen-year-old who aspires to be a writer and have started this blog for writing practice. You’re welcome to my blog and welcome to discuss it, criticise it, comment on it, disagree with it or do anything else you want to, provided you follow the few rules I’ve given below. Just like when you visit someone’s house you have to follow their rules; when you comment on my blog you have to follow my rules.

Please refrain from using racist, sexist, speciesist, transphobic, heterosexist, classist, ableist, ageist, casteist, fatphobic and xenophobic language or language denoting religious intolerance. Unless the language is used to highlight the culture of oppression revolving around the language, your comment will be censored. For example: While saying something like ‘she’s a complete bitch’ is not okay, saying ‘assertive women are dismissed as bitches’ is fine. After an initial warning, if you persist in using a banned word you will be banned from commenting on my blog.

You can express disagreement with my or any commenter’s opinions, but you will have to express it in a manner that is rational and respects other people’s opinions, viewpoints and experiences. Otherwise, your comment will be deleted.

If you highjack a thread and derail an ongoing discussion you will be banned.

If your comment shows your ignorance about any anti-oppression movement being discussed or your ignorance of your privilege, you will be directed to an appropriate site about the basics of the movement or privilege, rather than allowed to derail an ongoing discussion.

Flaming, trolling, and personal attacks will result in banning.

Using the 'what about the men' argument will be considered trolling. I know patriarchy hurts men too, but if I want to focus on women's oppression it's my choice. Same goes for the 'not all men are like that' argument. Of course I know that not all men are like that, but my posts focus on men who are like that and the fact that our culture considers it okay for them to be like that.

If the purpose of your comment is to point out to me that I’m reading too much into this, it’s only popular culture, if I don’t like it I should ignore it etc. your comment will be deleted. If you feel the subject being written about is not worth writing about, you’re free to consider my blog not worthy of your attention and comment.

Just for your information, I frequently use gender-neutral pronouns. Generally I use the ze, hir, hir, hirs, hirself set.