Monday, April 25, 2011

Gasp! An Article on Veganism That Didn’t Make Me Headdesk?!

I unfolded my copy of the Hindustan Times today to see an article entitled Busting Five Vegan Myths. After getting over my knee-jerk reaction of not again! I realized that it’s fairly researched and actually does its job of dispelling myths about veganism rather than perpetuating them. Sample this:
Try veganism for a day and see what happens. Is it so difficult to substitute marinara sauce for meat sauce? To get a pizza loaded with veggies instead of cheese and meat? To fix a big salad and add beans to it instead of turkey? Turns out that vegan produce is readily available in India and the chances of having a fresh produce is highly possible, if you are determined to go for vegan choices.
Sure, the article is too short and leaves a lot to be desired, but for Hindustan Times, which has previously produced gems like this and this, publishing an article not incompatible with abolitionist philosophy is hopefully a start.

ETA: I saw that the article is written by Carol J. Adams, a vegan and author of The Sexual Politics of Meat, which, I think, explains the fact that the article sounded like it was written by someone who knew what ze was talking about. More on Adams in this follow-up post.

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